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Time-dependent effects of ethynyl estradiol (EE2). Adult zebrafish were exposed to EE2, 10 ng/l, for 6-12-24 days, and allowed to recover for 24 days. Study by Kris van den Belt, VITO Belgium 1.


day 6 of exposure to 10 ng/L EE2

day 12 of exposure to 10 ng/L EE2

day 24 of exposure to 10 ng/L EE2

adult male zebrafish, H&E (all images)
day 24 postexposure (after 24 days to 10 ng/L EE2)

  1. van den Belt-K, Wester-PW, van der Ven-LTM, Verheyen-R, and Witters-H. Time-dependent effects of ethynylestradiol on the reproductive physiology in zebrafish (Danio rerio). Environ. Toxicol. Chem. 21:767-77; 2002.